This combination, Hypnosis and Meditation together, is a very new approach in the history of Hypnosis as well as Meditation. This approach has been introduced by the Indian enlightened Mystic OSHO. He says : „ This is a pioneer effort to bring Hypnosis and Meditation together for the first time. But together they can be tremendously great. They can bring you so much light, so much blissfulness – and so easily „. 

PSYCHOTELEOLOGY,-- the study of the spiritual purpose of the mind - , is a new direction of science and Psychology. It actually came to life with the study of the art of Hypnosis, as it started to be done systematically in the 70 th in America. Hypnosis, so was explained, is a human ability, it is the a b i l i t y t o g o i n t o t r a n c e. And being in trance means, to be fully engaged and identified with your inner process. Most of us know how it feels to read an interesting book and totally forgetting everything around you - that is a trance . Most of us also know another kind of trance : when you really worry about something, designing with your inner eye the most scary scenario of the future – this too is a trance.

So Hypnotists say that we humans spend most of our time in a trance –state : worrying, planing, talking to ourselves etc. The Mystics call the same phenomenon :“ Being Asleep“. Unfortunately is this „Sleep“, or our „Everyday Trance“ most of the time not a happy one. Our mind, trying so hard to manage our life, to create security, to protect us, to fulfill all the demands that daily living puts on us – this mind then creates tension,stress , and fear. And then , unfortunately, in a state of stess and tension, we forget ourselves, we are certainly not at home in our own life . And there is no Meditation - Meditation meaning to be aware and present in the moment.

So, in a way, one could say that in the state of stress , tension and fear we miss our own life. It passes by, and we are not really there, because we are so busy looking at our internal movies.So if you can c h a n g e y o u r m i n d, the way you are thinking and then acting , y o u w i l l c h a n g e y o u r l i f e. In this sense Hypnosis is a very beautiful art. It uses the human ability to go into trance in the most supportive and helpful way. The goal of every hypnotic trance work is always more inner peace, healing, more relaxation. And only a mind that is relaxed, at peace, can become interested in Meditation. And only in a state of Meditation , that means being aware and present, do you wake up to your own life, really feel yourself living it to the fullest .

Only then can you live your full potential, can you feel at home in your body and in your life. The goal of this approach in Hypnosis is that we are using the mind to support a life in Awareness and Meditation. Instead of worrying , instead of scaring ourselves, instead of having all kinds of negative judgements and selfimages - through Hypnosis you can come in contact with your sense of trust, courage, self-respect and love. And with these qualities we can plant the seeds for Meditation in your mind.

And once the mind understands that Meditation brings a more happy, graceful and intelligent life, mind turns into a friend, who supports Meditation. As Osho says :“ Hypnosis can serve health, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage : all that you want Hypnosis and Selfhypnosis can help you. It can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful, it can make you able to continue an inner current of Meditation twenty –four hours a day.“

As the study of Psychoteleology progressed, we received a very intersting new definition of Charisma. Meaning that a charismatic person is a person who has become Master of his own mind. And that includes the abilty to give the mind some rest, to learn to quieten it.

And just as the body is refreshed and stronger after rest so is the mind, refreshed and more intelligent. By learning tha art of Selfhypnosis, by learning to make suggestions to yourself, you can really turn your mind into a friend who helps you to live a more fulfilled life , and who supports your highest values and goals., who even supports you to be more happy.

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